Thursday, January 20, 2011

New threatened bugs in NJ

A Superb Jewelwing (Calopteryx amata), a damselfly newly added to the NJ Threatened species list (photo by Mike Ostrowski).

Right after I wrote complaining that NJ doesn't pay enough attention to insect conservation I learned that NJ DEP will soon be adding 7 dragonflies to the threatened and endangered species list, and a whole bunch of invertebrates (lots of dragonflies, a butterfly, and a mussel) to the "special concern" list. (Incidentally, six birds will also be added to the list: American kestrel [T], cattle egret [T], horned lark [T], black rail [E], golden-winged warbler [E], and red knot [E].)

There is also a newish guide to the Dragonflies of NJ out by Conserve Wildlife Foundation, and a nice website on the same subject. OK, so we've covered butterflies, dragonflies, and mussels...when are they going to tackle beetles, flies and wasps?

The 7 new T & E dragonflies are:

Banner Clubtail - Gomphus apomyius (T)
Brook Snaketail - Ophiogomphus aspersus (T)
Harpoon Clubtail - Gomphus descriptus (T)
Kennedy’s Emerald - Somatochlora kennedyi (T)
Robust Baskettail - Epitheca spinosa (T)
Superb Jewelwing - Calopteryx amata (T)
Gray Petaltail - Tachopteryx thoreyi (E)

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